Doge Is Vogue - Elon Says So!

Doge Is Vogue - Elon Says So!

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Foamex Board Edition
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The Banksy/Bitcoin project by AlxAndrws has taken a new turn with the recent explosion of Dogecoin supported by Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg.

Elon Musk has called the meme based coin his favourite Cryptocurrency. 2021 has seen the price inflate by over 500%.

AlxAndrws latest commentary on this new money market is a reference to the front cover of "Dogue magazine" that Elon tweeted at the end of January as a reference to Dogecoin. "Dodge magazine" is itself an ongoing communal parody of the magazine Vogue. 

Follow Alx's exploits on Twitter to see if he can get Musk to notice his creation.

Who will Alx reference next?