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Bitcoin For Your Banksy - Get Out While You Can

Bitcoin For Your Banksy - Get Out While You Can

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White / Orange / Raspberry

Correx Board Edition
Edition of 25
(Signed & Numbered on reverse)

Giclée Edition (Hahnemühle German Etching Paper)
Edition of 75
(Signed & Numbered on Certificate)

The Banksy/Bitcoin project by AlxAndrws comes during a boom time for both the crypto currency 'Bitcoin' and artist 'Banksy'. Whilst most of the world lives through a dreary existence, Banksy and Bitcoin are smashing records.

AlxAndrws has adapted the iconic 'Cash For Your Warhol' tagline to bring the idea into the tech era. The artist even pokes fun at Cash and Warhol with the lines 'Cash Is Dead' and 'Warhol Is Dead'.

AlxAndrws isn't hiding anything here and notes that the colour schemes in his work are taken from Banksy's Tesco 'Soup Can' prints which themselves are a direct nod to Warhol's - Campbell's Soup Cans.