Introducing Anna Miró

Dead Cash Gallery is honoured to introduce our first artist interview with the wonderful Anna Miró.

Anna joins the Dead Cash roster with her 'Nude' series of five Gicleé prints.


We caught up with Anna (virtually) to ask her some questions about herself, her art and how lockdown life has been.

Anna Miró with 'Nude II'

Please introduce yourself...

Hi, I am Anna. Originally from Barcelona and currently living in London. I love daydreaming and enjoying the little moments. I’m very expressive, love a good laugh and I like listening to the same music over and over again!

Did you grow up surrounded by art, or is art something you found along the way?

I’ve always had a very close relationship with art. My mum and grandparents are amazing artists who have always inspired me to create and discover different ways to express myself through art and encouraged me to build my own personality using different materials and techniques.

'Nude I' - Anna Miró

What inspires you to create?

I see art as a conversation with my inner-self and my surroundings and feel inspired by the connection that exists between ourselves and different emotions and energies. Art is a beautiful dialogue that connects cultures and visions.

What draws you to the Female form in your work?

In art history, the female body has mainly been represented by men and our culture has primarily appreciated the female beauty from their perspective and through a “masculine” eye. I believe that it is important that we as women find a way to express ourselves  through our bodies without them becoming a matter of judgment or beauty, and I feel inspired by using imperfect lines and shapes to recreate different feelings and emotions.

'Nude II' - Anna Miró

Do you have one particular artist or movement that you love above all else?

I absolutely love Pablo Picasso and how he describes his emotions and feelings using a full range of colors and shapes to transform our reality and how each painting represents a small window to his inside world. I feel very inspired by his early sketches and the way he plays with the perspective and geometrical shapes in his paintings.

If you could bring one thing from Barcelona to London, what would it be?

I would definitely bring the sun and warm light! That is something I completely miss, I love feeling the warm sun rays and how they create different shapes and textures when they hit the sea.

Has the pandemic affected your ability to create?

It has definitely been a very challenging and difficult time, however one positive thing about this pandemic is that with all the changes we have been forced to make, we have discovered different passions and interest that were hiding in our busy lives and we have allowed our creativity to take an important role in our day to day and it has actually pushed me to be more creative than ever!

What are you most excited to do this Summer?

See real people!! I really can’t wait to have a proper catch up and enjoy the company of my friends and family and move on from this madness.

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